We meet Wednesdays at 8:00

  Restaurante Don Julio
  Malecon Fundadores
  Colonia El Puerto
  Puerto Peñasco,  83550


Club President

Maria Monteverde Sesma

Club Secretary

Shandra Keesecker

Club Treasurer

Carmen Martens V

Club Foundation Chair

Enrique Rodríguez Ramírez

Club Membership Chair

Maria Peralta Hija

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Club Rotario de Puerto Peñasco Mar de Cortez (CR Mar de Peñasco, A.C.) es una organización de servicio cuyo unico propósito es servir a nuestra comunidad. Nos reunimos los miércoles a las 8 a.m.* en el restaurante Don Julio en el puerto ¡Bienvenidos!
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02/13/2018 VistAmerica & Penasco Rotary Club improving kids' vision

By José Antonio Pérez www.rockypoint360.com


More than 60 elementary children from area schools can now see better thanks to the vision campaign of VistAmerica and the local Rotary Club held in November 2017, culminating in delivery of the free eyeglasses in  January 2018.  This was the fourth time VistAmerica and the Rotary club of Puerto Peñasco have teamed up, and together the program was able to provide custom eyeglasses to 66 children from across the city. The main goal is to help children and families who may not be able to pay for glasses on their own though will greatly benefit from the eyeglasses, particularly in school.


02/13/2018 1st Fish Bowl Seafood Fest key in Rotary fundraising efforts!

On the Saturday before the Superbowl, the Rotary Club of Puerto Peñasco, in coordination with artisans of the Mermaid's Arts Market, successfully held their 1st Festival de Mariscos - aptly named "Fish Bowl".  The Seafood Fest, which the club plans to make an annual event, aims to raise important funds for Rotary’s ongoing projects across the city. María Dolores “Loly” Monteverde Sesma, 2017-2018 President of the CR Mar de Peñasco, A.C. Rotary Club, detailed numbers for the day topped 500 attendees, who enjoyed seafood samples from 15 area restaurants, as well as dishes prepared by the Dialysis Center, and culinary students from both CEUNO and UTPP, along with art.   A small sign of the club's efforts could already be seen at the entrance to Shrimp Park  when entering from Blvd. Fremont for the "Fish Bowl", where Monteverde Sesma had already put work into “patching” an area to ensure handicap access to the park – completed just the night before the event!


11/28/2017 Rotary Club collaborates to help those affected by Tropical Storm Lidia
To assist those affected by the tropical storm "Lidia" that impacted Baja California Sur in late August, 2018, particularly in areas of Los Cabos and La Paz, the local Rotary club joined with Rotary Clubs across District 4100 to collect donations with a “collection spot” set up at the main Fire Station on Blvd. Fremont.


11/28/2017 Grupo Vistamerica y Club Rotario - Jornada de Lentes

Por: Héctor Aldrete Germán - Periódico De Frente


Por sexto año, el grupo Vistamerica y el Club Rotario “Mar de Peñasco A.C.” llevaron a cabo la jornada de exámenes de la vista a niños de Puerto Peñasco, con lo cual se busca beneficiar al mayor número posible de pequeños que padecen de algún problema con su visión, dio a conocer Katty Markham, representante de la empresa Vistamerica.

Fue el pasado miércoles, 22 de Noviembre cuando se realizó la sexta jornada de exámenes de la vista, en la cual se atendieron a alrededor de 150 niños, de los cuales se pudo detectar que un aproximado del 60% de ellos requerirán anteojos al serles detectados problemas en su vista, lentes que se entregarán a principios del mes de Enero del año entrante.



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